5 Exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility Achievements by Leading Brands

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is the duty of business organizations to make a difference in society and better the environment.

These voluntary, non-profit ventures show the ethical nature of an organization, and its commitment to those it serves.

In India, the Government enforces CSR for corporate enterprises. It includes measurable transformative activities. They are the means to create societal upliftment and ensure the well-being of those communities that need it the most.

CSR can be undertaken by organizations of all sizes, and be equally beneficial. But it depends on how efficiently they get executed. They help build trust between the organization and its employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Here are 5 broad areas of CSR activities to consider:

  • Ethical Labour Policy

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Decreasing Carbon Footprint

  • Fair Trade Investment

  • Charity Projects & Community Initiatives

Leading brands are sure to pay attention to these multiple areas in order to expand their impact. Here is a list of 5 examples of brands who have truly made a difference through CSR activities:

1. Adidas and Environmental Protection

Adidas is working with Parley to turn plastic waste into high-performance sportswear. This contributes to the war against plastic. They also hold events under the title, ‘Run For The Oceans’ that began in 2018. It raises funds that go towards clean up drives for beaches and coastal communities. They are showing consumers that using plastics comes with responsibilities.

They have also partnered with Greenpeace for a DETOX Campaign. This campaign aims to eliminate dangerous chemicals from global supply chains. By partnering with other brands, they are able to set and achieve larger goals.

These are just some of the efforts that are helping them end plastic waste, in ways that go beyond their own products and processes

2. Microsoft and Technology For Good

Microsoft has CSR initiatives that build skills and employability in marginalized communities. Through them, we see how staying true to your domain can enhance your CSR activities.

Microsoft Philanthropies partners with nonprofits and schools to improve computer science education. They believe that one can achieve a greater impact through technology, and aim to use it to improve many individuals’ quality of life.

Their employees are encouraged to play an active role and support causes in their local communities. Employees can choose to match financial and time-based contributions. It is a strong part of the company’s workplace culture in terms of donations and skilled volunteer efforts. This builds loyalty and team spirit, all while making the world a better place.

3. Ben and Jerry’s and Social Justice

This leading ice cream brand teaches us that little drops make an ocean. Every one liter tub bought donates $0.05 to charity programs focused on community-based development projects. They support many social causes that are closely related to their business of making and selling ice cream. Their work for justice extends a helping hand to refugees, the LGBTQ community and climate action.

They also donate some of their pre-tax profits through the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation and Community Action Teams (CATs) at site locations. These contribute to grassroots organizing for social change.

4. The Walt Disney Company and Child Welfare

Everyone knows Disney and their award winning social initiatives. Their goal is to inspire happiness in children, and extends even beyond the hundreds of millions they have donated to nonprofits.

The Walt Disney Company has fulfilled wishes for over 130,000 sick children. They also support Girls Who Code and Snap the Gap, a CSR program aimed at boosting confidence and skills for girls.

Their efforts are focused on children and families. They offer well-known hospital visits and wish-granting programs. In 2021, Disney donated $294 million to these causes and currently works with 750 hospitals worldwide. By using their immense wealth of resources, they truly bring magic to the lives of children around the world.

5. IKEA and Sustainability

For IKEA, social responsibility starts with their own products. They use sustainable cotton, wool, and wood, and plan to use only recycled or renewable plastic by 2030

The IKEA Foundation supports families escaping poverty by creating sustainable incomes. They fund programs around climate change, renewable energy, agricultural livelihoods, employment and entrepreneurship, and emergency responses. Their wide scope of CSR activities is only achieved by strategic partnerships and dedicated, well-managed CSR teams.

As we can see, when we talk about CSR activities there are endless possibilities for an organization to choose from. However a good CSR management team will help you to stay in context. The activities you undertake must reflect your company’s vision and ethos. Only then can it utilize your resources to the best of its capacity, and contribute to the greater good.

In today’s geopolitical scenario, CSR sends positive messages of corporate self-regulation. As such, many organizations in India have started to go above and beyond legal mandates to create holistic CSR models that further some social good.

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