For many year now, SoulAce has partnered with corporate and NGOs for on and off-field employee volunteering activities. The employee volunteering has many benefits for the organizations, their employees and NGOs.

The key benefits of our approach are:

Divisity and Inclusion
ESG Compliance
Motivated and Engaged Employees

We work with corporates to identify their specific needs from employee volunteering programs. We have a dedicate software platform for Employee Volunteering which can be customized to client needs. The projects in the platform are continuously added to emsure a continuous flow of opportunities. The platform has a page for social networking amongst employees where any employee can post and tag his colleagues. The platform also has corporate level dashboards and reports to make it easy for HR/ CSR teams to track the progress across the organization. The platform also has employee donation page wherein an employee can browse through lots of causes and contribute to an initiative per his interest.

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Employees can engage in virtual, hybrid, or physical form, depending on the requirements and nature of their contribution.


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Employees make up an essential part of the framework that contributes towards a company’s CSR aims. In the present times, recruiting and retaining top-tier and motivated employees is ascertained also by its dedication towards its social responsibilities.