About Us


SoulAce is the best CSR consulting firm in India, having worked with over 150 plus Corporate and covering 200 plus Districts across the country. Our strong team of passionate and practicing professionals with varied background ranging from sociologists, development sector experts, educationists, nutritionist, environmentalists, academicians, project managers, who together strive to provide innovative solutions for people at the bottom of the pyramid with focus on impact and sustainability.

Our Journey:

Established in 2009, SoulAce was the first professional firm to enter the CSR space aimed to positively impact social development sector. We realized that the world was beginning to discuss about ethical practices and role of corporates in the developing communities. Around that time there was a lot of speculation about ethical and sustainable social development practices and corporate social responsibility. We wanted to help corporates understand on ground issues and invest in need based initiatives and credible NGO partners. The aim was to provide corporates with resources and help them build strategy to impact sustainable community change. We also worked in capacity building of NGOs to serve the evolving expectations from CSR department while at the same time strategically serving the communities.

First Company in CSR Impact Assessment:

We believe in a famous management thinker Peter Drucker’s quote “you can't manage what you can't measure”. With this in mind, we approached corporates and bagged our first ever project for conducting CSR Impact Assessment in 2009. Though CSR law in India mandated CSR Impact Assessment in 2021, more than 100 plus corporates have partnered with us for conducting Baseline, Impact Assessments and SROI (Social Return on Investments) in 26 states over the last 13 years.

Active role in CSR Compliance:

The CSR law in India was formally launched in 2014, 5 years later after when we began our journey. Being an early mover in the CSR space, we were actively involved across various stakeholders during the law formation stage and have continued to play an active role across stakeholders and forums with the idea that CSR compliances should bring transparency and at the same time, corporate should be empowered to take decisions at their level.

Over the years, SoulAce has played a leading role in creating CSR Strategy and Action Plan along with Monitoring and Evaluation. Over the last 13 years, we have built strong thematic area expertise across spectrum covering Education, Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation, Environment, Livelihood, Sports among other areas.

Role of Technology in CSR:

With increasing internet penetration in rural areas, in 2016, SoulAce also launched our technology vertical in the CSR space, focusing on 3 pillars of Efficiency, Transparency and Convenience. Our first product was focused on CSR Monitoring Platform and we have continued to add new features to make it user friendly and aid the corporates’ in managing, monitoring and evaluating CSR funds. With increasing consciousness and willingness of employees to participate, we also launched an Employee Volunteering platform to provide a bridge between corporate employees and communities to connect and positively impact each other.

We have and we would continue to provide innovation solutions for people at the bottom of the pyramid to leverage impactful and sustainable projects.

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