Monitoring (also called project monitoring) refers to periodic performance evaluation against Project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs for CSR projects are typically committed by NGOs to CSR departments in the MoU along with timelines and budget requirements.

The key benefits of our approach are:

Regulatory Compliance
Budget and Project Milestone Tracking
Decision Making

SoulAce has been working in the space of Monitoring for a long time and has an established approach, methodology and supportive tools. At a broad level our approach focuses on either obtaining KPIs, budget and timelines from MoU or formalizing the same with CSR and NGO team at the beginning of the project. This is followed by frequent check-in with NGO team and working with them to ensure the project progresses as per the planned timelines and budget to meet the committed KPIs. Our team also interacts with CSR team to update on the project specific progress and send formal updates on regular basis. We also work with CSR departments to ensure that all the information required for regulatory compliance is also available to them.

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