Impact Assessment is typically performed for projects sponsored by CSR departments and foundations. Many CSR departments and foundations focused on evaluating the impact on community due to various initiatives undertaken by them either hire an external agency or perform Impact Assessment on their own. In 2021, the CSR law in India has made it mandatory to perform Impact Assessment for CSR projects. To know more please visit Our Ideas section

The key benefits of our approach are:

CSR Project Performance - Measurement of Impact
NGO Competancy Assessment
CSR Committee Decision Making

Our CSR Impact assessment approach is broadly based on OECD framework and our expertise. Once we are onboarded by the CSR department for impact assessment, we review the project documentation available with them and get in touch with NGOs. Once we have a detailed discussion with NGOs, we design our customized assessment approach involving beneficiary interviews, focus group discussion, stakeholder interviews, etc. The data collected through various discussion is collated, validated and analyzed to assess the impact created by a CSR project.