Impact Assessment is typically performed for projects sponsored by CSR departments and foundations. Many CSR departments and foundations focused on evaluating the impact on the community due to various initiatives undertaken by them either hire an external agency or perform Impact Assessment on their own. In 2021, the CSR law in India has made it mandatory to perform Impact Assessment for CSR projects.

Why choose SoulAce for CSR Impact Assessment in India?

The primary aim of SoulAce, the best CSR consulting firm, is to help companies in India to embrace CSR activities. And we extend our helping hand to corporates with resources and enable them to build strategies to impact sustainable community development. We are highly skilled in CSR Impact Assessment as we have worked with 150 plus corporate and covering 200 plus districts across the country. SoulAce also helps scale CSR programs and replicate impactful capabilities in other geographies. Our baseline studies have helped many corporate companies and conglomerates to set up the right project. CSR Impact assessment is conducted at the end of the project.

The key benefits of our approach are:

CSR Project Performance - Measurement of Impact

As CSR laws evolve, the intent is shifting towards making a real and sustainable change in the community. It is advisable to plan and evaluate project performance goals and evaluation parameters in CSR projects. Our CSR impact study is an independent assessment of these goals by our experts.

NGO Competancy Assessment

When an NGO undergoes an impact assessment for a project sponsored by the CSR department, our approach also focuses on general NGO competency evaluation and the impact being made by the NGO efforts at a high level.

CSR Committee Decision Making

The impact assessment findings per CSR project help the CSR committee intervene in a timely manner for course correction and evaluate whether they would like to continue to invest in the projects on the NGO. Our IA also focuses on evaluation on replicability, scalability, and sustainability of the projects.

Our CSR Impact assessment approach is based on the OECD framework and expertise. Once we are on boarded by the CSR department for impact assessment, we review the project documentation available with them and get in touch with NGOs. Once we have a detailed discussion with NGOs, we design our customized assessment approach involving beneficiary interviews, focus group discussions, stakeholder interviews, etc. The data collected through various discussions is collated, validated, and analyzed to assess the impact created by a CSR project.

Having the vintage of working for 14 years in the development sector and presence in 200+ districts across 28 States, SoulAce is able to create a rich pool of experts across thematic areas and has established itself as the Best CSR Impact Assessment firm in India.

Need for Impact Assessment

There is a growing importance for companies today to accomplish CSR goals as a way to give back to society. And it has become critical as well as mandatory in India for companies to prioritize social responsibility. A Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Assessment is needed to evaluate the social impact of a CSR project. With the CSR Impact Assessment report, a company can measure the impact quantitatively to benefit society at large. It also provides a holistic insight into the development of the community

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