Soulace is one of the best CSR platforms, which has many years of experience of working in social development sector with NGOs and corporates. We have realized that CSR project management is one of the biggest lacuna and traditional project management softwares are not very supportive of the way projects are designed in social development sector. Hence, we ended up designing our own project management software which helps corporate, foundations, NGOs, etc. to manage the projects undertaken by them and track progress.

The key benefits of our approach are:

CSR Compliance
Convenient and Efficient

The CSR software platform is an in-house product managed by our resident and dedicated IT team. As we have an in-house IT team, we offer CSR software customization to our clients based on their needs. The software platform manages the complete cycle of project procurement by floating an RFP to NGOs, NGO and project short-listing and selection, milestone and budget break-down and periodic tracking. We have a dedicated customer service team in case any of our clients in facing any problems with respect to our CSR platform.