Transforming CSR Project Monitoring in the Pharma Sector


A leading pharmaceutical company


The client aimed to enhance the efficiency of tracking individual beneficiaries in real-time, focusing on child health and sustainable livelihood projects to combat malnutrition effectively.


Collaborating with SoulAce, the company implemented a groundbreaking solution. Introducing a user-friendly mobile app for NGO partners facilitated real-time data entry, eliminating manual errors and enhancing data accuracy. Integration of Geo-tagged photographs and real-time indicators within a centralized platform streamlined project visibility and impact assessment, revolutionizing data processing and monitoring capabilities.


The adoption of the mobile app and centralized platform significantly improved project monitoring, enabling timely interventions to address child health challenges such as malnutrition. This partnership underscored the company's commitment to leveraging technology for impactful CSR initiatives, showcasing its dedication to enhancing child health and fostering sustainable livelihoods within communities.

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