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Revolutionizing CSR Project Management for a Steel Manufacturing Company


A steel manufacturing company


The client sought a centralized platform for end-to-end management of CSR projects, including due diligence, onboarding, monitoring, and evaluation of partners, to ensure efficient tracking and evaluation.


Partnering with SoulAce, the company implemented a comprehensive solution. SoulAce introduced a dashboard and centralized platform for location-wise tracking of CSR projects, streamlining processes from partner selection to project evaluation. RFPs were digitized, due diligence became a predefined process, and project progress was tracked through the system or mobile applications. The platform enabled in-depth analysis with graphical representations, access to archival project data, and reduced the need for physical inspections through geo-tagged data reconciliation.


The adoption of the centralized platform significantly improved project management efficiency, reduced manual efforts, and enhanced data analysis capabilities. This collaboration highlighted the company's commitment to leveraging technology for impactful CSR initiatives, demonstrating its dedication to promoting education and livelihood opportunities across communities while optimizing resource utilization.

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