Best CSR Software for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2022

Given the growing importance of social responsibility in business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is quickly becoming a fixture in modern business lexicon.

Social responsibility, in this case, refers to a business’ obligation to contribute towards endeavors meant to benefit the world at large. However, in a tech-first world, sustainable, long-term success of CSR is not possible without the right CSR software.

The Importance of CSR Software

  • Helps automate repetitive tasks, reducing manual effort and time spent.

  • Helps transform CSR processes by implementing best practices for efficiency.

  • Ensures that a company’s processes comply with government policies, be it regional, national or international legislation.

  • Keeps up with dynamic market and customer needs by providing easier information gathering and analysis.

  • Allows for easier collaboration between companies, employees, customers, NGOs, charities and if necessary, the government.

  • If configured correctly, CSR software can automatically update company targets, administrative requirements and customer expectations.

  • Reduces time required to allocate budgets, make reports, analyze data, assess impact, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at the four most important reasons CSR software refines, organizes and facilitates CSR activities.

  • A Central CSR Databank:

    With the right CSR software, you can create a central login portal for all relevant individuals. The platforms would collect, organize and offer perfect visibility into multiple CSR efforts across work areas and locations - all from a single source. Naturally, this will reduce time & effort needed to track project status, progress and impact.

  • Creates Process Efficiency:

    The right CSR software can optimize administrative efficiency and customer feedback processes. By streamlining common tasks like creating reports and assigning budgets, the overhead of human time and effort greatly reduces.

    It also simplifies customer interaction through smartly designed feedback portals. This helps with collecting relevant data, and building a positive image through active engagement and improvement upon feedback.

  • Helps Meet Sustainability Goals:

    CSR software can be configured to track a company’s energy usage, carbon footprint and ROI on CSR efforts. This would help relevant company personnel take the right steps in improving sustainable practices (if the company is falling behind) or to maintain/improve on current practices (if sustainability goals are being met). It is much easier to get all data on the dashboard of a CSR tool rather than going through multiple internal reports to find company statistics in comparison to global and local sustainability standards.

  • Enables Data Collection for Analytics:

    Technology has enabled companies to gather and analyze more data than ever before in human history. CSR software is no different.

    The right software provides robust data management, examination and analysis - enabling identification of sectors that may require closer attention. The software can also generate reports with highly relevant data points in much less time than would be spent if an employee was manually doing the same tasks.

    CSR software also helps monitor impact of CSR activities in real-time (or close to real-time). Input, file, track, send and publish data in different formats, thus appealing to stakeholders at different levels, roles and teams. This allows for easier detection of growth and improvement opportunities.

In light of the points above, it is obvious that the right CSR software can greatly enhance the implementation, execution and results driven by any company’s philanthropic endeavors. However, the key word is “right”. Whichever tool you choose should be designed to perform multiple functions that apply to different areas, tasks and requirements of effective CSR undertakings.

CSR Software That Boosts Your Best

After working in CSR research and advisory capacities in India for 12 years, SoulAce understands exactly what organizations need to skyrocket their CSR activities without a massive increase in time and effort invested. We’ve worked with clients ranging for large Indian business conglomerates, MNCs, SMEs, PSUs, NGOs and universities - across 28 Indian states and more than 200 districts.

As a result, it’s safe to say that SoulAce understands exactly what clients need their CSR software to deliver. Our platform is designed to facilitate the three pillars of effective CSR:

Transparency, Convenience, Efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at how our platform helps further these principles.


  • When working with multiple NGOs, all data is made easily accessible and completely visible through the platform

  • Beneficiary data is easily available while photos are GeoTagged

  • Makes it easy to track field workers’ performance


  • Provides easy access to updated real-time project data.

  • Platform is accessible 24/7 through web & mobile app

  • Self-generated analysis and reports on real-time data


  • Offers centralized view of each project’s history and status

  • Easy to store project documentation and communication histories

  • Gives stakeholders (CSR Head, Manager, CXOs) effortless access to real-time information

A few other features that serve to boost CSR efforts:

  • Due Diligence & Compliance Checks

  • Individual Beneficiary Tracking

  • Ability to Schedule and Trigger Notifications

  • Can automate MCA report downloads

  • Activity, Progress & Milestone tracking of each project

  • Budget Utilization & Finance Tracking

  • Role Based Access Control for individuals at different levels of company hierarchy

  • Customization of projects plants for easier execution and on-ground collaboration

With clients in every major business domain in India, SoulAce brings years of experience and success on the field to its software design. Our platform is meticulously optimized to enable hassle-free CSR tracking and task execution. The software is integrated with an expanding data comprising themes and agents that have been proved to maximize positive CSR impact. This comprehensive, convenient solution introduces ease, flexibility and high ROI into your CSR pipeline, making your life easier and the world a better place.